June 3rd, 2006

Cramer’s Orphan: BOOM vs. Guru’s Orphan: NTCT

I couldn’t believe my ears yesterday when I heard Cramer announce Dynamic Materials (BOOM) as his “orphan” selection. He frequently says he doesn’t care where a stock has been, he only cares where it’s going. But I’m sorry, I can’t help but look at the 800% increase since November 2004 (see charts in yesterday’s post).

He derided and ridiculed a couple of the email he received and read on his MadMoney program as “technical analysts” or “chart readers”. As if someone who looks relies on charts is playing in the minor leagues.

So we’ll run our own Challenge. I’m putting a note in my Outlook calendar for around the end of the year to see which has performed better.to compare the performance of Cramer’s BOOM against my pick, NTCT.

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