May 16th, 2008

Keeping Score on Prior Recommendations

I’m basically a momentum player (within the context of a healthy market) and, as the market seemed to be nearing the 180-day moving average, I began finding more and more viable stocks to buy. These were stocks that were making new highs or ones that were part of industry groups that were moving up. Since April 18, I’ve listed 39 stocks here. But the only thing that counts are results; so the question is “how have they performed?”

Assuming that equal amounts are invested in each stock ($1000 in each, for example, for a total investment of $39,000), the total portfolio was $41,192, as of yesterday’s close, for a total return of 5.62%. Simultaneous investments assumed in the S&P500 index for a benchmark would have seen that fund increase to $39,693, or a return of 1.78%. Here is a recap of the all the stocks (click on table for larger view):

Of the 39 stocks recommended, 29 or just under 75% have increased since added to the list (of those that declined:

  • Most of the stocks that declined were from a search of improving Industry Groups (the Finance-REIT) list of the April 26 posting .
  • The biggest mover was IPHS, when I found suitable candidates from among the New Highs in the next day’s posting of April 27.

If you had bought any of these stocks I would continue to hold them. If you hadn’t, I’d wait for new stocks to be added to the list in coming days.

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