November 27th, 2008

Here We Go Again with the Cramer/S&P Oscillator

Just checked my traffic and found another spike. Cramer must have pushed the S&P Oscillator again. I was informed through a reader’s comment was that Mad Money has repeated the same show several times and tonight must have been another instance (“How to prevent losses” did sound familiar).

So for those of you who are looking for that “silver bullet” marking the end of the bottom I refer you to my post of August 6, “Four Strikes Your Out – the S&P Oscillator“. It’s missed and mislead 5 times it’s been mentioned on the show (by my count) either in the original broadcast or rebroadcasts. This will be Number 6.

Actually, I shouldn’t mind because along with a spike in readership, I also receive a spike in clicks on the ads. To all those who do, thanks.

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