June 4th, 2009

Fear of Outliving Assets

I’ve been watching the market from a distance again due to travel. This time the travel was for something wonderful – my father’s 97th birthday (I was last here in February when my parents celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary). Both are still in possession of all their faculties and able to pretty much take care of themselves.

Many assume the beneficiary of great genetics; I see the risk of outliving my assets. So actively managing my money is one of the driving forces behind my focus on understanding and developing tools for outperforming the market averages.

I still see a bull market being born but it’s still not yet more than a vulnerable and stumbling calf. I was surprised by the significant profit-taking in precious metals and commodities yesterday (while weak, the total market retreat wasn’t too large and was on lower than average volume). “One day a trend doesn’t make” so I still believe that momentum has turned positive. Being on the road fortunately intervened becoming more fully invested (I’m still at only 50%) but I’m expecting to be an aggressive buyer next week.

See you again this weekend.

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