July 1st, 2009

Four Candles on the Birthday Cake

Can’t believe it but this blog has aged another year; we’re now 4 years old. Over the past year, I’ve added 210 posts; since the beginning, four years age, the number is around 500 (I started deleting the first year’s posts last year). In case you’re interested, you can see all this years posts, including the number of comments and their tags by clicking here and all of them can be accessed through the archive which is under the Google search box on the right.

It’s been an exciting year to say the least. I most proud of the fact that I warned you all through the year to stay heavily in cash with such posts as:

  • 7/20/2008: The Dow at 7,200?
  • 9/12/2008: When Will Market Predictability Return
  • 10/6/2008: Final Leg Down Begins
  • 10/24/2008: Lessons From Past Crashes and Recoveries Out of Them

But I alerted you to the approaching bottom and offered some strategies for playing it while still staying safe:

  • 11/15/2008: Those “Perpetual, In-the-Money Call Options”
  • 11/26/2008: Golden Cross and OBV: An Update
  • 12/14/2008: What Does 2009 Look Like From This Vantage Point
  • 2/8/2009: More Stocks with Basing Chart Patterns
  • 3/19/2009: The Debate is Settled: The Market Has Hit Bottom
  • 4/17/2009: The Next Industrial Revolution
  • 5/9/2009: Comparing Market Crash Bottoms: 1975, 2003 and 2009
  • 5/20/2009: U.S. Stocks: The World’s Laggards

I’ve had fun tweaking Cramer about his ridicule of charting through some of his lamest calls. I admit to have a couple of misses too but you’ll have to find them on the list yourselves …. I’m not going to list them here. The most fun has been in being able to expound on my view of how I chart so that you can do it yourself.

Heard Bill Gross of Pimco saying this morning that people have seen the end of living off of the rise in the value of their assets; I hope he’s merely “selling his own book” as they say because dividends trying to live off dividends is tough and boring. Being an optomist, my view is we’ll survive an otherwise uneventful summer together and come out the other end, around Labor Day with renewed confidence, the completion of the inverted head-and-shoulder reversal pattern of this market bottom and the long awaited break above its neckline.

In the meantime, thank you for reading, your questions and comments and your support. Let’s all make money together.

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  • Anonymous

    The pointer to your Google Docs index doesn't seem to be working.

  • Guru

    This seems to happen each time I link to a Google Docs page. I redid the link and perhaps this time it works. Please try again.

  • Piazzi

    Happy Birthday



  • Fresco

    Thanks so much for your blog. I've learned so much over the last few months and look forward to learning more in the months to come…

  • Anonymous

    Google Docs pointer still not working.

  • Guru

    Try now. It appears that when you select "Anyone to view" it doesn't really mean anyone without a password. Sheets have to be saved as a webpage for anyone … really anyone to view a Google Doc.

  • Carlos JĂșlio
  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday GURU–I had a dream last night that this market will be a repeat of the 1970s…lots of pain for US investors ,,then the Chinese hoards come over to pick our bones just like the Japanese tried to do for 10 yrs.and just like the Japanese ,,the Chinese get left holding the bags,,empty of course,,as usual.

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday.

    Thanks so much for your blog and have been learning alot and enjoying reading it as well.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday and thanks for your blog. I have just found you recently and am picking around your site to get familiar. Please reconsider deleting early posts, they are often most valuable in evaluating a blog's perspective, even if they may not be as polished as later posts. I'd encourage you to restore the early posts if that is possible. Thanks.

  • Guru

    All the posts listed here are still in the archives. The deleted ones are no longer available.