August 30th, 2010

Navigating the Hazards

Because of popular demand …. and a fortuitous turn in the market on Friday …. I’m updating the stats on the Lunar Cycle/Stock Market phenomena. The last phase, which was waxing to full that ended on August 24, last Tuesday, saw the market decline a higher than average 6.17%. That brings the Moon’s batting average to 70.8% on a rolling 12-mos. basis and 76.9% cumulatively since this race began over a year ago.

The next phase ends on Wednesday, September 8. Due to the Labor Day holiday, there will only be 10 trading days during this phase. The number of trading days within each phase varies from 9-12 depending on holidays and weekends; I expect to include those stats on the next publication of this scorecard.

This is a difficult market to navigate and we need all the help we can get. If necessary, I might even make use of the moon and stars if it helps prevent running aground or ramming into rocks and shoals.

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