December 7th, 2011

New Highs + Dividends; Unbeatable In This Market?

I know it’s frustrating having to sit around waiting for the market to show its hand as to future direction.  But for me, it’s the cautious and prudent thing to do.  I’ve just been disappointed and have lost too much in the past by thinking I can pick the few stocks that are able to hold their own against the forces of a declining market.  But I am beginning to put together a watchlist of stocks with interesting technicals but have decided not acting on them yet.

One place I began my search is to comb through stocks that are in all-time new high territory (because of system limitations, I’m limited to stocks moving to new 5-year highs as a surrogate metric).  A measure of how poorly stocks have performed over the past 18 months is the fact that only 118, or 2.4% of all stocks, meet the criteria. The distribution of these 118 stocks by Industry Group includes:

Stocks in All-time New High Territory by Industry Group 12/07/11

Not knowing how long it will be before the market gained some upward momentum, I decided to zero in first on the stocks paying the largest dividends.  For those itching to hit that “Buy” button, here are a few stocks I came up with you might be interested in:

Top Dividend Payers + All-Time New Highs 12/07/11

Dividends and continuing their ascent into all-time new high territory.  Almost an unbeatable combination?

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