August 10th, 2012

GOOG to 1626?

There couldn’t ever have been a more interesting and exciting IPO than the GOOG (Google).  I last focused in on GOOG back on June 12, 2007 when I wrote:

As a precursor of its novel approaches to problems, whether technical or business, August 19, 2005 was GOOG’s on NASDAQ through a little-known Dutch auction process with the stated intention of attracting a broader range of investors than the usual IPO. Almost immediately, the stock started marching to new high territory…..The Google lesson is that the best strategy (and the one taking the most discipline and guts) is to stick with this sort of stock where, regardless of external market factors (note the S&P corrections in Aug-Oct 2005, May-August 2006 and Feb-Mar 2007) is early enough in its product and business life cycle that it only suffers relatively minor retreats.”

GOOG was 511 on that date and it traded five months later at 741.  But that was the end.  Since 2007, the stock has been stuck in a multi-year trading range of approximately 433-633 (excluding its major correction during the Financial Crisis Crash of 2008 when it fell briefly to 250):

The question today is whether GOOG will join other mega-cap tech stocks and break across long-term resistances like IBM, AMZN(click on symbol for chart)?  There are only two possibilities: the horizontal channel morph into a double-top carrying the stock back to its IPO price of nearly 10 years ago (or at a minimum to near the 2008 lows) or it will cross the resistance and launch a new multi-year bull move.

I’m guessing that it’s the latter.  With all the sidelines money that is going to need to find a relatively low risk home there aren’t many stocks along the lines of GOOG with a sufficiently large enough capitalization that can absorb the money flow.  As a matter of fact, if AAPL falters on the introduction of its iPhone 5, fails to introduce a new T.V. or has some other disappointments in its product rollouts then some of the money that has been riding the AAPL gravy train when Jobs was running the company may look to GOOG to again be the tech standard bearer.

AAPL has significantly outperformed GOOG over the past 10 years but it may be GOOG’s turn to play catchup.  If the market does successfully approach and then cross into all-time new high territory then I wouldn’t be surprised to find GOOG more than doubling to 1626 over the next couple of years..

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