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Investing in the stock market can feel intimidating. There’s so much to think about, so many facts to integrate, so many variables to consider, so much confusing information to sort through. If only you could watch someone trading for their own account, someone who isn’t trying to sell you anything someone who’s been doing it for a long time and is objective. Now you can.

You are invited to join Instant Alerts, a unique, informative, personal and valuable aid for self-directed individual investors. When you subscribe, you’ll get a seat from which to peer over my shoulder and see each trade I make in my personal account. Whenever I execute a trade, I send you an email outlining the stock, price and time of the trade. I also usually include a brief comment, a link to the stock’s Google Finance page plus a copy of the chart I used in making the purchase decision.

Since I share with you the trades I make in my personal account, you’re going to see both the good trades along with the bad. Some trades could be quick winners while others could be held for the long-term. Every now and then, a few may actually turn out to be real stinkers and wound up sold at a loss. For confidentiality reasons, however, I can’t tell you how many shares are in each of my trades or what percentage each trade represents of the total portfolio but they are the stocks I trade.

Unlike many other Alert services, I keep meticulous track of my performance on a trade-by-trade basis (as I do each day for my actual personal portfolio). To protect the confidentiality of the actual values in my personal portfolio, I began at the launch of the service over a year ago with an arbitrary $100,000 in cash and assume that each trade is for $1000 worth of stock. In addition to the instant alerts, you’ll also receive (for more information on each, click on link):

  1. Market Momentum Meter
  2. Future Leading Industry Groups
  3. Instant Alerts
  4. Model Portfolio Tracking
  5. Weekly Recap Reports
  6. Watchlists

Obvious questions might be “How should I begin?” and “What should I buy?” The objective here is educational. Everyone’s personal financial situation and objectives are different so there’s no intention of offering specific and concrete personal advice. I recommend that you observe and learn from the rhythm of my trades and the sorts of stocks I buy and sell. When you’re ready you can adapt, enhance and develop your own investment strategy with the help of a certified profession. It’s your money; what you do with this information is up to you.

One successful trade based on the information I share with you will probably more than cover the cost of a subscription. Don’t delay. I welcome your questions, opinions and comments at any time and do respond. Thank you and let’s make more money together.

Joseph Meth
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