First there was Edwards and Magee (technical analysis) then there was Graham and Dodd (fundamental value investing) followed by Burton Malkiel (index investing).  Now Run with the Herd combines market timing with trend trading within the context of the typical market life cycle.  It’s a new approach that this author believes anyone can understand and everyone should follow.

Planning for retirement and managing one’s assets has increasingly become everyone’s personal responsibility just when the “buy-and-hold” strategy has devastated portfolios in the wake of the Secular Bear Market dominating the market since the Tech Bubble burst in 2000.  Unfortunately, the typical individual investor lacks the training and time to perform the sort of extensive fundamental analysis suggested in the media.  Consequently, the first step to increasing your chances of success in self-directing your investments is finding effective alternative tools and techniques.

Run with the Herd offers an effective strategy to help individual investors follow the big money pro’s, or the “herd”.  The best approach for self-management investment success is to piggyback onto the herd’s trades and run with them.  But we must also quickly get out of the way when they change direction so we avoid getting trampled as they abandon a stock, an industry or the  market in general.

The challenge is complicated by the fact that more than ever before and clearly more than most of us can possibly use or absorb we’re continually inundated with financial news, data, comments and opinions by way of the Internet, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio.  Even worse than being overwhelmed by the quantity is the fact that we can’t help but be perplexed and confused by information that’s dressed as facts and fundamental analysis but is often actually nothing more than opinions, often self-serving ones at that.

Run with the Herd is based on two key observations:

  • the statistical fact that “50% of a stock’s price movement is attributable to the overall market, 30% to the stock’s industry group and only 20% to factors that are uniquely its own” and
  • “at their core, fundamentals are subjective but momentum is fact.”

Run with the Herd guides you through the process:

  • Unlike the more traditional books on charting, you’re going to spend some time setting the stage with academic studies that were the foundation of index funds and the buy-and-hold strategy.
  • You’ll then think about the type of investor you are and the investment tactics with which you feel most comfortable.
  • You’ll look at fundamental analysis, the approach most advisers recommend for individual investors to follow even though they’re usually ill-equipped to adopt.
  • For those who have never attempted to actually decipher what a stock chart may actually tell you, there is a brief primer in Charting fundamentals.
  • A stock chart depicts price movements resulting primarily from changes in the relationship between supply and demand which are influenced most by the decisions and actions of institutional and large investors, those I call the “herd”.
  • But we can’t speak about the herd’s movements and hope to follow in their track without learning about one of their recurring direst direct consequences, Market Crashes.
  • The Market Momentum Meter described here is a relatively simple market timing approach for protecting against the catastrophic consequences of all-too frequent market crashes.
  • But crashes are only the final phase in the market’s typical life cycle.  Just as you tailor your response to crashes, you have different approaches to help you prosper in the other phases.
  • Finally, there are some basic rules for helping make one of the most difficult decisions when self-managing your investments.  It’s not stock selection or timing your purchase but, instead, knowing when to sell.
  • The market has been stagnant, in a secular bear market for nearly 12 years.  Although it’s had huge fluctuations during that time, a secular bull market has not yet begun.  I polish my crystal ball to see what the prospects might be for the market’s moving significantly higher.

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